Guided by the principles of accessible design, we take great pride in making homes beautiful and comfortable for every chapter of your life. Whether you want to build a new lifetime-friendly house or renovate an older home to make life easier for a family member with a disability, we'll provide wisdom, empathy and guidance at every step of the way.




Designed and built by Peter Crain with an open floor plan, modern amenities and abundant natural light, this lovely new home in the heart of Linden Hills will be showcased on the 2018 Parade of Homes® Tour.




If you'd like to stay in your home forever, we can remodel it now to make it lifetime-friendly. Depending on your needs and goals, this may include opening up the floor plan, replacing steep, narrow stairways, adding a larger bathroom on the main floor, improving the lighting, enhancing home security, and other features.


Whether you're thinking of remodeling an older home or cabin, we can help you re-design the exteriors and interiors to remove potential barriers to independence. This may include adding wide, smooth walkways and sidewalks, adding smartphone-enabled lighting and home security and other improvements.



To make life easier and safer for people with disabilities and mobility issues, we can remodel older homes or build new homes to make them handicap-accessible with gently sloping ramps for walkers and wheelchairs, wide doorways and hallways, smooth, durable floor coverings with no exposed seams or surface joints, and other vital features.



To make homes more inviting for additional family members—either temporarily or permanently— we can build mother-in-law suites, accessory dwelling units and other spaces for aging in place. Depending on your local guidelines, these spaces may also do double-duty as income-generating vacation rental properties!